鶹 University’s Office of the Ombudsperson is a place where students can confidentially express their concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and learn more productive ways of dealing with matters they may face during their matriculation. Individuals—undergraduate, post-doc and newly returning students can expect to receive informal, confidential, neutral and independent services to the extent allowed by law.
We welcome anyone who has a concern or question pertaining to university policies, university bureaucracy, and all other matters impacting your academic success.

You may reach the Ombuds via our . The Campus Police can also be reached 24-hours a day by dialing (713) 313-7000.

Common Concerns

There are times in a student’s academic career where they may run into conflict that they may be unfamiliar in dealing with. Those concerns may center on a particular issue they are experiencing with a professor, advisor or staff member. If a student finds him/herself constantly trying to resolve an issue with no headway in sight, or perhaps the stand-off is escalating into a more hostile situation, this is the time to solicit the assistance of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman can help by listening to your concerns, and identifying appropriate options for a resolution  ||   See Details